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‘An understanding about Ayurveda helps you to make better decisions for your life and health.‘



Masters in International and Development Economics, Yale University, USA



Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts and Mixed Media



Subbody Butoh in Dharamsala



Founded Butterfly Ayurveda Private Limited


Akshi completed her Masters in International and Development Economics from Yale University, USA in 2008. After returning to India she interned with micro-finance institutions like BASIX, and also worked as a research analyst at the Centre for Microfinance, IFMR. As part of her job she traveled to and lived in many rural areas across Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Orissa. Due to lack of work satisfaction, she was drawn back into dancing, and in 2010 went to pursue a full time course at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts and Mixed Media.

Akshi’s interest in Ayurveda developed in 2012 while learning ‘Subbody Butoh’, a performance art in Dharamsala. She took to ayurveda instantly since it gave her a deeper understanding of her body and mind. She believes that self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge, and she began to read classical texts of ayurveda to increase her knowledge and understanding on the subject. When she returned to Delhi from Dharamshala, she put together a small team comprising of an Ayurveda doctor and researcher and an analyst, to set up the Research and Development department at Butterfly Ayurveda. The company was finally established in 2014.


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Akshi as a dancer, as an entrepreneur and as a student of martial arts.


As an entrepreneur

Akshi founded Butterfly Ayurveda in 2014, November. Her vision for the company is infused with her passion for health and wellness. Her key areas of focus—the ones that she truly enjoys—are the Research and Development behind developing each product, and the customer experience that follows upon the use of those products.

As a dance artist

Akshi has over 16 years of training in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam), and has also trained in other contemporary styles of dances. At present, she is a Shishya (disciple) of Guru V. Krishnamoorthy, Delhi.

As a student of martial arts

Having been involved with martial arts ever since she was a child, Akshi is now a student at the Damo Shaolin Kungfu School where she trains in Qi gong, Tai Chi and Shaolin Kungfu. She is a disciple of Shifu Kumar Xi Yan Xiang, 34th Generation Warrior Monk from the Shaolin Temple, China.



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